Paul Ryan: Republicans have a moral obligation to reform Obamacare, can’t let it collapse


House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., believes the moral consequences of leaving Obamacare in place outweigh the political consequences of repealing it.

Since they began undertaking an effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act this spring, congressional Republicans have faced protests at town hall meetings and harsh scrutiny from the press. But you don’t have to tell Ryan that.

“I accept that we will get hit for this,” the Wisconsin Republican told Axios on Wednesday, acknowledging the backlash that’s dogged members of his party since the American Health Care Act was first unveiled in March.

Ryan, however, believes it’s more important for Republicans to find a way to fix a collapsing insurance market than worry about the hits they’re bound to take and leave the law untouched.

“We’re in leadership, we don’t have a choice,” he continued. “I just don’t think from a moral standpoint that’s something we can do. We have to intervene to fix this problem because real people are actually getting hurt.”


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